Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap:: Quality Time Edition

Whew! It didn't really seem like the weekend for us around here. Dave worked all day every day, so it was mostly just me and the boys. 

Anders wakes up before Aiden, so I'll take him in bed with me for some morning snuggles. He's such a happy happy baby! 

There's just something about this picture that I love. My two boys hanging out together, all snuggled up. :) 

Friday afternoon, I decided to venture out with the boys to get some errands done. It takes us about half an hour to get out the door so I'm never super eager to get going. We went to Target and then went through the car wash. Before that car wash, we had the dirtiest vehicle in the city. And this is farming country, so there are lots of dirty vehicles around here. My little penguin, so patient for momma's photos! (Can you spot Aiden?) 

This is what the back of the stroller looked like :) There's a skateboard/roller board attachment for Aiden to ride on. Perfect spot for some groceries! 
Aiden is showing off his treat he picked out at Target. 

Once we got up to our room and unloaded all the groceries, I decided to take the boys on a "date" down to the lobby. 

Aiden and I shared his Reese's and we sat on the cool chairs and couches. Aiden even got to watch the Disney Channel for a few minutes. 

Lately he doesn't always look for pictures, so I ask him "How big is Aiden?" This is his response, so even though he's not looking, I think it's a cute picture. Haha :) Do you think the sleeves on his sweatshirt are short enough? ;) He would wear this sweatshirt every single day if he could. He never wants to put a shirt on and this is one of the only things he'll wear without a fight. So even though it's clearly too small, I give in and let him wear it sometimes. 

Safe to say, Anders had a great time too! He loves his stroller! 

Saturday morning (after a big struggle to get this shirt on him), I snapped this photo. (He's a little zoned out...) Where did my little guy go??!!?! He looks like such a big kid in this picture! At least four years old! 

Later on Saturday I wanted to get some pictures of Anders in his super cute outfit. 
Seriously, though, look at those jeans! 

My smiling baby! 

Aiden was a little jealous of Anders, so he had to join in. 

He didn't know what was going on, but it sure looked like fun! 

When Dave got home on Saturday night, we went to Ruby Tuesday for a late dinner. Can we say fake smile?! 

Sunday morning quality time with Anders. He has the cutest smiles! 

Aiden knows how to give a good smile sometimes too! 
This vest is the only other thing Aiden really likes to wear. So the too-small sweatshirt, and this red vest... 

This photo is out of order, but there's a few fun things going on in it. He's showing off his new shoes, check out that tucked in shirt (!!), and do you like his "hockey stick?" :) he plays with it all day long, especially when we go out into the hall. He has a little blue ball he hits around. 

Anders likes to play with it when Aiden is napping. 

Sunday evening we went out to the hallway to watch for Dave to get home from work. Here's Aiden with his soup ladle hockey stick & ball :) 

Anders loves going places too! 

I had a free minute Sunday evening so I thought about paint colors again. By the end of this week, primer and ceiling paint will be done so it'll be time for color! Ahh! I'm pretty sure about most of the areas in our house, but I haven't settled on a couple rooms. I'm back and forth with two colors for the living room, and I'm not sure on a couple bathrooms and the laundry room. 

We told Aiden he could watch something on the laptop when he was all ready for bed last night. He got nice & comfy :) 
And repositioned himself to another comfy spot. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! I sure spent a lot of quality time with Aiden & Anders. Dave has done ten straight days of 12 or more hours if work. It's looking like it'll be 11 or 12 more days straight of this, then he'll have a couple days off. We are already both tired but we'll take it one day at a time! 


Dave K. said...

Looks like a busy weekend! Wish I could've shared more of it with you. Sweet pictures!

Heidi said...

I agree, sweet pictures!

Karen said...

Haha :) It only looks busy. Mostly we sat around. Couple more weeks!

Karen said...

Thanks :)

Dad said...

This is dad! I found your blog

Karen said...

Awesome!! Be ready for lots of pictures! :)

Kelly Kesti said...

Fun to see pictures of your growing boys!
I found your blog again after many years. Glad you're writing again. :)

Annie said...

I love it, Karen!! Reading this as we travel East today! Such cute pictures of our little loves!!