Friday, May 11, 2007

Martina! Josh!

I have time right now to upload pictures, but it's not working for some reason. I've been trying to get them on here for about 25 minutes, and no luck so far. I'll try again later...
My morning was really fun! I got up nice and early (5:00 -- so not too bad) and rode in with Eric. He was going in for work, so he offered me a ride. I appreciated not taking the train for once. I got to Rockefeller Plaza at 6:15 and had to wait in line until about 6:45... this could be a long story, so I'll get to the main points. Since they had 3 performers on (Martina McBride, Josh Turner, and Gretchen Wilson), there were a lot more people than the other two times I went. Plus they had two different stages. So right away I had to decide which one I wanted to be closer to. Martina or Josh and Gretchen. I chose Martina. She sang "In my Daughter's Eyes" and I can't remember the name of the second one. She's AMAZING!! and beautiful!! I would love to go to a whole concert of hers!! Josh Turner sang "Would you go With Me" and I LOVED IT!!! Wow, he's good! :)
I got some good pictures of Martina, some far away ones of Josh. I promise I'll put pictures on here ASAP. I thought today would be the day... I'll keep trying.

We're going to Boston for sure on Sunday. I talked to Bob and he and Maria are going to come and meet us for lunch! (Jim and Lynne can't make it.)

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