Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What a FUN weekend!!! I'm rested up a little from it, but I'm still feeling the effects. We did so much in a short amount of time. Here are the highlights: (I'll put more details and pictures up soon!)
NYC on Friday: Karen, Mom, and Dad: 95 degrees and humid, not too busy. Saw Ground Zero, Wall St., Central Park (by carriage), Times Square and Grand Central. Then we drove up to New Hampshire and hung out with Jim, Lynne, Bob, and Maria
Saturday: boys went golfing, had an awesome breakfast (more like brunch, which turned into lunch), then we all went hiking up Mount Watatic (beautiful views!), then the boys went golfing again and the girls went shopping, then we all met at Chili's for dinner. Later there was some domination with Rumicube ;)
Sunday: Gloucester, Mass to go WHALE WATCHING! And we saw tons of whales! About 25, and we got some sweet pictures. We were out in the boat for about 4 hours. Then back up to NH to eat some pizza and watch The Perfect Storm (which took place in Gloucester).
Monday: Boys went golfing again and the girls went out for breakfast. Mom, Dad, and I drove back to Connecticut and I gave them a whirlwind tour of my town, and they met Marcy, Eric, and the boys and saw my house. Then I drove them to the airport...
FUN FUN FUN!!! I had a blast! Thanks everyone for such a great weekend!

Congratulations to Carmen and Brent! July 14 is the big day!

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