Wednesday, May 23, 2007


First of all I have to say that I really thought the Wings were going to go all the way! I think they could have taken it all. I'm not ready for their season to be over!! :(

MOM AND DAD are on their way!! Sort of. They're on their way down to Illinois to visit Kristin and Jason for a couple of days before they fly out here. I'm getting soooo excited for them to come! After today I only have one more day of work until Tuesday... Right now it feels like I have a million things to get done before they come, but it's all easy. Just takes time.

Tamara, Ellen, and I went for lunch yesterday at a restaurant that had outdoor seating. That was a great break in all of our days -- relaxing and having lunch outside in the beautiful weather.

Thoughts on American Idol: I wasn't too into it until about a month ago. When I saw Jordin sing Martina McBride's Broken Wings (the first time), she became my favorite. Just like in Season 4 when Carrie Underwood sang Independence Day by Martina. So I voted for Carrie, and last night I voted for Jordin. I hope she wins!

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