Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Illinois, Blooming, May!

I got back from Chicago yesterday evening after a loooong day of traveling. Kristin and Chett brought me to the airport at 11:00 - we got there around 12:00, got on the plane at 12:30 (we were supposed to leave at 1:00). After countless delays (which I won't bore you with), we finally left at about 3:00. We were sitting on the plane this entire time -- 2.5 hours. Sooo, I landed at La Guardia around 5:40, took a bus to Grand Central (ate dinner at Junior's!), and took the train home. The whole process took over 8 hours. Whew!
Illinois was so much fun!! Jason picked me up from the airport, then we met Mom, Kristin, Heidi, and Jules at a restaurant for a late breakfast. Then we decided to go into Chicago for the afternoon. Brita joined us! We walked around the city, enjoyed the warm spring weather, and went on a boat ride out into Lake Michigan. Oh, and we definitely had some Chicago-style pizza. By the time we were back on the train, everyone (especially MOM) was getting overtired and a little loopy. All I can say is: It was a fun ride! I think Brita saw a side of my mom she's never seen before. :)
After church on Sunday Mom and the girls had to leave back to MI, so it was just Kristin, Jason, and me. We had a delicious dinner, then Kristin and I went for a long walk on the beach in the 86 degree weather. Lake Michigan was not too cold, so we were kicking ourselves for not bringing our bathing suits. After that we went shopping for a bit (it was nice to go to a different mall -- I'm really sick of the ones I go to out here), then Megan, Bill, and Chett came to Kristin and Jason's for coffee/pie. It was really fun catching up with Megan -- I don't think I've really talked to her since we both went to Tech.

Back in Connecticut everything is beautiful!! So many of the trees are flowering, the tulips are in full bloom, and the leaves are out in full force. I'm loving it!

It's May, which means my bike tour is coming up quickly!! It's in five days! Mom and Dad are coming out here in a few weeks -- I can't believe I'm saying that -- a few weeks! Mom first talked about it Christmas time. and it's almost here! Every day I think about things I want to show them or do with them. We won't be able to do most of it, though, because we'll have such a short time here before we go to see Jim & Lynne and Bob & Maria. I told Mom that if it rains, we'll spend less time in NYC and I'll bring her to this sweet grocery store here. What a comparison, hey? NYC or a grocery store. But the grocery store is more like an experience than a store. I'll just leave it to your imaginations. ;)
Yesterday I got an urge to go on vacation. I really want to go somewhere! Please let me know if anyone has any ideas!


annie said...

Trunk Bay in January!!!!!!!!!!

Karen AMH said...

Wait.... are you serious? Want to go on vacation Mom? (Or are you talking about the vacation Heidi and I may go on?)