Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summer weather!!

Hey all, it really, really feels like summer! It's in the 80s today, and it's supposed to stay this way for awhile! Sweet! Now I just can't wait for the water to warm up. Tamara, Katharina, Ellen, and I were at the beach on Saturday and the water was freeeezing! Just like Lake Superior this time of year. Tamara and I felt like skipping rocks, but there were none. So we skipped shells - and it worked!!
I keep telling Tamara about things we're going to do when she comes to Michigan in August... and the list keeps getting longer and longer. Now Katharina is thinking about coming, too. But she has about a million different plans for when she's done being an au pair. and coming to MI is just one of them, so I kind of doubt she'll end up coming.
I'm excited that the WINGS are still going strong! Yea! :) It's reminding me of those 3 years they won the Cup. GO WINGS! :) And the Pistons -- hopefully they can keep it up against Chicago and keep rolling. It's a great time to be a Detroit Sports Fan!

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