Friday, November 16, 2007

Coffee anyone?

I'm on my way out for coffee with some of my sisters... and I really mean coffee. For years I'd go "out for coffee" with my friends and get ice cream, hot chocolate, or a smoothee. But now I have to say, I crave different coffee drinks.
Here are my top three:
peppermint mocha (reminds me of the holidays!)
raspberry mocha frappachino (WOW I cannot spell!!) (This one reminds me of NYC in the summer)
peppermint mocha frappachino or peppermint chocolate mocha frappachino....
looks like I'm stuck on the mochas. YUM!

I think I may have a different post on here about this whole coffee thing, but it's a cool new thing for me :) Heather was in Baltimore for about a year, and she came back with the same addiction. Our friends who stayed home haven't quite made the transformation, but we're working on them :)

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