Thursday, November 29, 2007

another one??

I just heard there's another winter storm warning... 3 to 8 inches tonight. But around here, that can mean 0 inches to 15. So who knows! An update on the radio -- some local schools are closing early for the day. It's not the school my siblings go to, so no luck for them! but maybe it means we are going to get the storm.

Lots going on this weekend. David's first hockey games for the season! and they're both at home, so we get to see how good they're going to be this year. Kristin and I have some holiday things we have to get done soon -- hopefully tonight or this weekend! Some friends have birthdays -- 'tis the season!

Grey's Anatomy is not new tonight, so I don't have that to look forward to. But I heard some other good news -- the Broadway stagehands/electricians, etc. strike is over. So the curtains are going to go up tonight again! I can't imagine what NY was like for those few weeks without the majority of the shows. It's such a big part of the city -- especially midtown.

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