Sunday, November 25, 2007

Going back

I just found out that tomorrow I'm going back to the class where I taught for nine weeks. It's just for the afternoon (I'm subbing for someone else in the morning), but I'm really looking forward to walking down the hall in the school and seeing all of the friendly faces! and even just seeing what topics/lessons all of the classes are on now (three weeks later). What a fun day!!

but it also means a drive. So I should really be sleeping. I wanted to go to sleep at 8 or 9 at the latest. Here it is 10:06pm and I'm on the computer. Great! I just seem to procrastinate like crazy, even when it comes to going to bed. ahhh, Karen, get to bed!! (Last night ended up being a late night for Liz, Molly, and me. We had coffee late (11-ish), so that kept us awake for HOURS... I haven't done that in a loooong, long time!)

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! It feels so good!! only a few more things, then I just have to wrap it up and I'm ready to go. Then for the cards... I have all of the materials, just need to put the time in to get them all together. Maybe a project for next weekend. Or if I sub somewhere this week where the teacher doesn't leave sub plans.

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