Tuesday, November 27, 2007

snow day at...

the hospital. My mom had surgery on her knee today, so my dad and I spent about 6 hours there with her today. While my dad and I were sitting there, we realized it was his fourth time sitting at that hospital, waiting on someone's surgery... in the past 4 months. (and the second time w/ that surgeon. is there such thing as frequent visit discounts?!)

In other news, it was awesome to wake up this morning to "school is delayed an hour and a half!" and then later hear "Now it's cancelled for the whole day!" :) Teachers appreciate it as much as the students do!! I was talking about it w/ a teacher yesterday, and we agreed that it's a guilt-free day off. Yesterday back at the school was pretty fun. One student walked in and said "WHOA! I'm so glad I didn't go home this morning!!!!" and another said "We have so much to catch up on! How was your Thanksgiving? did you have a good weekend? hey, you're doing something different with your hair! It looks good!!" How does that not make you smile?! :)

My friends and I got together for "the bachelor" last night, even though it's over. It's just an excuse (a reason?) to get together with just the girls on a ("marvelous") Monday.
the past two days (Sunday and Monday) were the most I've laughed in a looooong time. My stomach is sore today. What a good feeling!

Gillian (from South Africa) is staying in CT for another year, so I may get to see her before she goes home for good!! and Katharina told me yesterday that she's planning to spend 3 weeks in CT in the summer. So hopefully the three of us will have a chance to spend some quality time together!! Since I'm not getting there for the holidays, I'm really planning to go in the summer. But I also want to go and visit Tamara, Sarah, Ellen, and Katharina in Europe, too. decisions, decisions! I'll decide about that after my upcoming trip.

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