Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love swimming!

It's pretty much my favorite.

Sooooo, when I had the opportunity to go one last time (?? not sure if that makes sense) this year, I JUMPED! Literally. Molly has this thing going with two of her friends. They made a deal last March to go swimming at Hippie's (in the Valley) at least once a month for a year. So on Sunday Heather and I joined her and we went swimming! It was painfully COLD, but it made us feel oh-so-alive. So it was well worth it! Oh what a feeling! and oh yeah, did I mention it was dark out? and I had never gone swimming there before? and we had no flashlights or lights of any kind? A little creepy.

All fall it felt like I had to go swimming one last time to finish off the summer. I guess I did it, but a lot later than I expected. I love swimming! and I get to go in about two months in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea!

I realized something about myself one day last week while reading some old posts on here. I'm spontaneous! I don't know if I have always been, or if living in CT brought that out or what, but I definitely am. I look back and can hardly believe the last-minute things we/I decided to do. I'm very proud of that! A lot of people would be content living in CT and going into the city every once in awhile. But we aimed higher: we had bigger goals: the whole mid/north east coast! and some pretty sweet activities in the city too. Lots of these decisions were made during Saturday night phone calls. Example: "What should we do tomorrow? I heard Philadelphia is only like three hours away! So's Boston." ..... "Pick one!" And some of these were Sunday morning phone calls "I don't feel like just going to the beach today. Let's drive up/down the coast and find a cool town to explore." or my favorite: a couple of times I was feeling homesick, or couldn't imagine missing out on something at home. So I went home. Twice I bought a plane ticket in the evening and was on the plane early the next morning.

Anyway, it's a trait I never thought about for myself, and I'm kind of proud to say that I'm flexible enough to do something at the drop of a hat!

Congrats to the CHS Vball team on winning their quarterfinal match tonight!! They won 3-0, and now head to the state semi-finals on Friday afternoon. YEA CHS!

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