Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Hunting!

What a holiday this day is in these parts! I subbed today, and in 3 out of my 5 classes, more than half of the students were absent. The halls were noticeably quieter, too. I only remember it being a big deal like this one time while I was in high school. Maybe the 15th was on Saturday and Sunday for two of the years I was in school.... who knows. I came home from school and already heard a bunch of success stories. Way to go, hunters!

I'm already in 100% holiday mode! The ring tone on my phone is a holiday song, I've started my shopping, I'm listening to Christmas music, and last night my sister and I did some stamping for Christmas. I'm definitely ready for them this year!!

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my cousin BETS! She passed her driver's test this morning, icy roads and all. Congrats!

I'm feeling a little jealous of some of my friends who are still in college... they get a whole week off for Thanksgiving. No such luck for local high/middle schools. We just get Thursday and Friday off (but I'll DEFinitely enjoy it!).

A CT story: Last year my friends Tamara and Katharina wanted to see an over-the-top Christmas lights/decorations house. So one evening last December we drove all around our town, searching for the most gaudy spectacle we could find. It took us awhile, but we found a really good one. I wish I had photo of it! (It's something I don't understand...) Also, I was super excited to see all of the holiday decorations in NYC. It seemed like Christmas was going to be an amazing time to be in the city. Hate to break it to you, but it's over rated. There were definitely some really cool decorations (things you probably don't see anywhere else), but it wasn't as *magical* or beautiful as I thought it would be.

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melanie said...

Oh my gosh! Betsy on the out Copper Country! Yes, Karen, we'll be home for Christmas this year and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! That is, we'll be home if we survive the 18 hour drive with our 2 kids....