Wednesday, February 20, 2008

basketball games!!

I just got home from watching my alma mater beat our arch rival in basketball TWICE!!! The women's team won by two points on a shot with four seconds left in the game!! The other team had three free throws with no time on the clock. The girl missed!!! and that's how we ended up winning! I imagine she'll shoot 1000 or more free throws over the next couple of days! It was almost too much excitement for me to handle.

Then the men's game....

We were down by up to 14 points in the second half, kept tying them in the last five minutes, then got the lead for the FIRST time all night with less than a minute left!! and won by two points!!! Some great steals and BIG defense made the difference in the game. Wow, I got exhausted just watching the game!

It was the most exciting day of basketball I've seen in a looooong time!! and when I was going to school, I didn't miss a home game for over two years. (maybe my memory that far back isn't the greatest.... lol) Whew!! Too bad it's just about the end of the season...

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