Friday, February 1, 2008

Just some thoughts

Just some random thoughts as I'm sitting here on this beautiful Friday afternoon:
  • One of my friends called me today to see if I want to go sailing with her in the Florida Keys for a week. Yes, seriously! A friend of hers invited her, and said to bring a friend. So she called and really really tempted me to go with her. SAILING for a WEEK! As you can tell, I just got back from vacation, so I had to tell her no. If it had been during the local schools' spring break, I don't know if I would have been able to say no. But if I went, then I'd only work for two weeks in March. And seeing as I just went on two pretty big trips, I can't take half of a month off in March. (You can probably tell -- I'm still trying to convince myself that I can't go.)
  • This is something I mention often, but I can't help it. I had a delicious peppermint mocha today!! Something little like that can totally make my day! I can admit it. I'm addicted.
  • LN is gone this weekend. She has a sister's weekend away. The last time she and I were both up here for the weekend was December 15th. Yeah. Luckily we've been hanging out a lot during the weeks in between... next weekend (Feb. 8-9-10), I can tell, it's going to be big!
  • My sister is looking more and more pregnant!! :) She's so cute! I can't wait for their little one to arrive in May!
  • BEN Arthur is such a cutie! I got to hold him for over an hour on Monday. Wow, I could've gone on holding him all day! He slept most of the time, so I didn't get to see who he resembles. As my dad says "then he must look like himself!" Liz brought Addy to the hockey game with her yesterday, and we had so much fun hanging out! She kept telling me "Karen, I love hockey players!" I told her that I agree. Two years old, and she already has good taste! Haha!! Wait until Kelly hears about that one!
  • Rabbit day today ---- I remembered to say it!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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