Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here are a few of my goals for the end of February:
1. call Tamara, Sarah, and Katharina. I have to double check that I have their correct phone numbers. This one's going to be a challenge with the 6-hour time difference!
2. Wake up extra early to make breakfast. Instead of just eating an orange on the go.
3. Get caught up on gifts. I have 2 baby gifts and one birthday gift on my list so far. I need to get going on it so it doesn't get too long!
4. Find a new author. Any suggestions?
5. Call my CT fam. That one's not so much a goal as something I want to remember to do soon...
6. Have a scrapbooking day. My last one was really productive (I think I did 6 pages!), so I should aim for that again!
7. Organize some things that I have laying around. I worked on that yesterday, but didn't finish it up. I usually really get organized and throw things out whenever I move. I'm not moving right now (hopefully soon though!), but this definitely can use some work!

Seven is enough, right? I'm hoping since I wrote it down, I'll actually do it... we'll see!!

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