Sunday, February 24, 2008

A first

I carved a turkey today!!!!

We had a big turkey dinner today (felt like thanksgiving!), and somehow, I ended up carving up the turkey! :) For some reason I ended up making a lot of the dinner (mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, gravy, and the end part of the turkey), and by the time we sat down to eat, I was so exhausted, I felt like I needed a nap! We usually divide it up and everyone does one thing, so it's not too bad, but for whatever reason, we didn't do that today. The bonus though, is that when you help make dinner, you don't have to do dishes. So I got to relax once the dinner was on the table.

Whew! I'm still exhausted now, because I'm getting sick. I have a lot of chest congestion and pressure, but it's not really coming out. :(

BUSY busy week coming up!! Lots of games! If I'm okay and go to all of them, it'll be seven games...

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