Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap Year

So, tomorrow's the big day! My uncle is going to be something like eleven or twelve years old! :) His birthday is February 29th... he used to tease us, telling us that he was way younger than all of us. We didn't get it (we were something like 9 or 10 years old, and probably didn't know leap day from a frog). Now one of my friends is overdue for her first baby. She's kind of hoping she doesn't have him/her tomorrow. That'd be something, wouldn't it?

Other thoughts: it's a free day. Why isn't it a national holiday? it's just an extra day. We didn't have it last year, we won't have it next year. It's just there. So everything should be closed, like on Christmas and the 4th of July. and it'd be an extra bonus this year -- on a Friday! and we really should celebrate something. Something that everyone has, like... hair... or hearts. Yeah, I'm lame.

Okay, enough about that particular day. The games count for this week is four so far. If everything goes as planned, it'll be at 9 or 10 by Saturday night. I really believe it'll be a personal record! But then it's going to slow down dramatically. Depending on how each team does, there should be a couple of games next week. but who knows! For sure in a couple of weeks there will be no games left at all. All of the seasons will be over. Next up, track season. My sister has been training for it ever since cross country was over, so it should be a great season!

On the health front, I think I passed my illness on to my dad. :S geeeez.

The other evening, my friends and I were driving somewhere and we had a really interesting conversation. It was all about history. :) One of my passions! Not something you sit around and discuss with your friends. but we did, and I didn't even bring it up!!! We talked about things like the Revolutionary War, Civil War, the medieval times, and ancient civilizations.

Jim and Lynne's 2nd anniversary was on Monday. Can hardly believe it's been two years since their big day!! and Bob and Maria's 1st is coming up in a couple of weeks. Time sure flies!

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