Saturday, March 12, 2016

Carnival Breeze Recap Day 6:: At Sea

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On Friday we had our last day aboard the beautiful Carnival Breeze. Unfortunately, it was a little chilly and breezy, so it wasn't the best day to spend out soaking up all that great Vitamin D from the sun. 

We read outside on the lanai deck (5). 

We had a leisurely lunch, spanning a couple hours with different people. Here's Dave coming back with one of his specialty lemonade floats. (Or is that two?!!) ;) 

Since it wasn't so nice out, we went to the hilarious Love & Marriage show. It's like the Newlywed Game, where couples are asked questions and are supposed to  match answers. There was a couple married for 48 years, and two couples married only a year or two. All three couples at one point or another gave really funny answers (unintentionally of course).  

For the second time on this cruise, we enjoyed a nice hot sauna. No pictures of that, but then it was time for dinner. We were both a little sunburnt. 

This string trio entertained us while we waited for dinner. 

Our table was near the back of the ship, and while we were eating, this started happening out the back window. It was such a gorgeous sight to see! 

Here's all ten of us again, plus our three waiters. These three served us dinner every night and went out of their way to give us an enjoyable meal. I think we were the only table to get coffee with our meal. Usually it was served for dessert, but our waiters realized they had some big coffee drinkers on their hands so they filled up those cups! 

We ended the last day of our glorious cruise up on ten, visiting and eating some pizza. 

These last three pictures aren't from Friday, that last full day, but they were from when we were still on the ship so I'm going to share them on this post. We woke up early on debarkation day (Saturday) and saw a gorgeous sunrise. 

Our cruise vacation was perfect! We were able to relax completely because my sister Heidi was watching the boys and they had a great time with her. We had fun fellow cruisers with us, so we got to socialize a lot. We had great stops in beautiful places and nice weather. The Carnival Breeze is a super nice ship. It really was perfect! 


Sharyn said...

We've never been on a cruise, so I've really been enjoying your shares. That picture - second from the bottom on this post - my favorite.

Karen said...

Thanks for reading, Sharyn! If you can't tell, we loved every minute. ;)

Kristine said...

Looks like we should have gotten up for that last day sunrise. Beautiful!

Karen said...

Thanks! Yeah, you missed out! ;)