Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites:: Boca Grande Edition

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share some Friday Favorites. I thought a lot about what to share, and I decided to focus on one place that might just be my new favorite Florida beach. 

We had a full day in Florida after our cruise, so we took advantage of the hot day and went to the beach. This was my first time at Boca Grande, what has become my mom and dad's favorite beach. I can see why they love it so much! 

I mean, look at the path that takes you to the beach! I was in love from the first moment. 

After six days without our two little guys, I had my camera out a LOT to capture these great smiles. Aiden loved the beach too. 

Anders played and played all day. He liked the sand, the shells, and the water. 

These two were the big boys all week while we were gone. I heard they played great together. 

Reunited! We have a picture of the four of us at Fort Myers Beach last winter framed in our living room. We might replace that with this one. My little family. :) 

Here's our whole crew and our set-up. 

Heidi said Anders had been nervous of the water last week when they were there. Not this time! 

Shandi! I think every one year old girl needs a bathing suit with a tutu. :) The hot pink, the polka dots, the little falling out pigtails... I love it all! 

I took the boys back to the path to try to get some decent photos of them. Not the easiest task, but #mamatried ;) 

Here's his genuine smile. I can't believe how big this little guy is getting. Every.Single.Day. 

Anders, too. Is it possible he's still one? It feels like he's been part of our lives for much much longer. 

What a fantastic day! I can't wait to go back in a few weeks. 

If you haven't already read it, check out my post from earlier this week about all of our road trips and some tips I have for traveling with kids. 


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