Thursday, March 24, 2016

Life Lately:: Traveling & Sick

It's been a rough week, so I've been pretty quiet on here. We had a busy couple weeks, packed up and made a long drive. Aiden got sick in the middle of it and we are back on the road. To say we travel a lot would be an understatement and I'm starting to question our sanity. Haha :) 

The week started out with some new "astronaut" Legos for our big boy Aiden. 

We put a sink only 24 inches off of the floor in our upstairs bathroom. When we decided to do that, this is exactly what I imagined. Love! 

Sometimes those big blue eyes just get me. 

Happy morning from Aiden! 

Snow in March is rarely pretty, but the St Patrick's Day storm that came a week ago created many gorgeous scenes around our yard. 

We stayed with family on our drive, and I had to get a picture of Kristine with their dog Trixie. She stayed with them for a week. 

Aiden wasn't looking right on Tuesday but didn't feel feverish. By night time his fever was 101 and by morning it was 102. He had a very restless night and was so tired, so I gave him some pain reliever so he'd be comfortable. He slept on and off all day Wednesday, but his fever returned during the night Wednesday night. Here's Aiden and Anders this morning. Aiden's fever has been gone all day but he still has some other symptoms. 

He picked out his toys to bring in the van, and was pretty upset with me when I went outside and didn't bring him. He thought he was getting left behind. 

Back on the road! We brought along a nanny for this trip. :) I've been feeling spoiled with all the help! 

Roadtrip sights.  

The gorgeous hills of Tennessee that we sing about in Proud to be an American.


Heidi said...

I love all the pictures!

Karen said...

Thank you!!