Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites:: Peek into our House

Today for Friday Favorites, I'm talking about some of my favorite details around our house. I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals. 

When Dave and I were engaged (SIX years ago!), we decided we were going to build a house on the ten acres he already owned. Our plan was to save save save and hopefully have it built by our fifth wedding anniversary. We dug out the basement and footings and built the foundation in 2012, and on the day Anders was born in 2014 a crew started framing up our house. They framed it in and got the exterior completely done that summer and during the fall and winter we had guys working on the interior. By springtime, we moved in. It wasn't complete but close enough. :) All spring and summer, Dave was doing parts of it himself (hanging cupboards and stuff like that) and I even chipped in some help. Fast forward to this winter and we finally were able to hire someone to do the trim and baseboards on the first floor. Now I'm ready to share some pictures and I decided I'd pick out some of my favorite details around our house. 

I love our laundry room cupboards! We picked these out from Ikea and they help me stay organized. We have white in our kitchen so it was fun to go darker in the laundry room. 

Two of my favorites are in our master bathroom. First, these knobs I picked up from Hobby Lobby. This is an IKEA bathroom vanity and it came with plain little knobs that I didn't really like. I waited for the knobs at Hobby Lobby to be 50% off, and got these for $5 each. 

Here's a close-up detail of one of the knobs. They are made out of glass and metal. 

My second favorite from our master bathroom is the tile in our shower. We got it from Lowe's. I can find the specs if anyone is curious. I wanted the grey and white mosaic detail on the whole back wall, but it was way too expensive. I settled for this band of the tile mosaic going around at eye level and the little niche for soap and shampoo. 

We both like how it turned out. 

Next up are some of my favorite light fixtures. 

First, our living room chandelier: (some of the shades are a little crooked from some balloon interference up there - oops!) 

Since it's kind of high up there, it's hard to get a good picture. 

It sat in my cart at Amazon for a couple weeks before I was brave enough to click "purchase." The style is a little different than anything else we have, so I wasn't too confident in my pick. I couldn't find anything we liked better, so we went for it. I'm glad we did! 

Here are some more light fixtures in the living room. Instead of having lamps on tables that my 1 year old could pull down, we put wall sconces around the room. These lights each have their own switch, so they kind of act as lamps. 

The last light fixtures on my list of favorites are the island pendants. I really wanted the lantern look but most of them were just too expensive. These are some of the very first purchases we made for our house. I found a deal, so I snatched them up about eight months before we needed them. :) 

The last favorite I'll share is our railing and spindles. The guys who built this did an amazing job and Dave and I really love it. 

We feel so blessed and lucky to get to call this place home! The absolute best part about it? The location, hands down. 

One day I'll do another post about our house, showing the rooms and stuff. I don't feel like I have everything in order enough to do that now, so that's why you're just getting some of the details. 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 


Heidi said...

❤️ the details!

Ava Mae said...

Looove your island lights!!

Karen said...

Thank you!! :)

Karen said...

Thank you! You still need to come over sometime.

Greta said...

Love it all! :)

Karen said...

Thank you, Greta! Miss you! Xoxo