Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend Recap:: My Alma Mater

We had a fantastic weekend! Even though it was an hour short, we packed LOTS into the rest of the hours. 

I love Lake Superior. 

It was muddy outside, so Anders got to take out his new mud boots! Auntie Anna got them for him for Christmas and he finally got to wear them! He was delighted, and he knows how to put them on himself. #winwin Plus they light up! Big thumbs up from Anders! 

I told Aiden to show me his flannel shirt, so he did. Sort of. 

My two big boys were so happy to be at "ours Big House" as Aiden says. We were happy to be here too. It's been awhile. 

I've taken some of my boxes from my mom and dad's house, and I've needed to go through them for awhile. On Saturday I spent a few hours going through old papers, ribbons, notes, and photos. So many photos. This is one of the sweetest that I came across. In 2000 (my Junior year), we went to Disney World with our band. We fundraised for several years, then took two big charter buses and drove 26 hours straight to Disney World. The only thing we had to do while we were there was a parade in MGM Studios (as it was called back then). Here's Sally and me all set for the parade. #wearyourplumestoday 

On Saturday evening, Dave and I went to the Michigan Tech hockey game with my mom and Heidi. Tech won the game and the playoff series, and after the game there was a trophy presentation for being the WCHA regular season champions. They found out they won the regular season while on the bus ride home from a game the previous weekend. They could finally celebrate properly in front of the home fans after they won the game on Saturday night. 

It was fun to see. Tech hadn't won since 1976. Heidi, Dave, and I all went to Michigan Tech while the hockey team wasn't very good. I think one year they won 2 league games. My dad played for Tech back in the 1970s when they consistently went to the NCAA tournament. 

The coach invited the fans to come onto the ice to celebrate the big moment. Dave convinced us to go down there for it. 

Such a cool thing to witness and kind of be a part of. 

On Sunday morning, my boys got all dressed up for church. Anders loves his new church coat and this hat. All day he wouldn't let me take the coat off, and if his hat fell off or went sideways, he was quick to fix it. He's one, you guys. Seriously. 

I mentioned to the boys that I'd like to take a couple pictures on the porch before church. We were going out to the van and Aiden reminded us. "Front Porch to take pictures, Momma!" :) 

Look at them posing, smiling, and looking! Probably the best photo I've ever taken of my two lil guys! 

We tried getting one of them standing up but this is how it went...

On Sunday evening, Heidi told us to go out so she could watch our boys. No problem! ;) We went to our go-to restaurant, a local Asian place called Bambu. We were reminded why it's our favorite place. Their Chicken Pad Thai is on par with the best we've had in Toronto and New York City. Every time. Yummm! 

We got back to Heidi's and our big boy was ready for nigh-nigh in his new firetruck jammies. 

That was a busy weekend, and so much fun! 


Heidi said...

Such a fun weekend!

Karen said...

Yes! It sure was.