Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Family Travel Life:: The Sun

I have an Instagram page where I share my photos of our travels around the US and Caribbean. You can follow me @familytravel.life if you'd like. I've had a little bit of a passion for photography since high school. I had an apprenticeship through my art teacher, and that confirmed my love for photography. In the years after college, I was a second shooter for weddings for several years, and I've done several weddings myself. I'm not super into wedding photography, so I never pursued that. Over the past year I've been trying to figure out what some of my passions are again (after being so busy being a teacher, then having two kids within a couple of years), and photography kept coming up. I decided to start the Instagram page to share some of my travel photos from the past ten years. Here are some of the photos. 

In the summer of 2012, Dave was working in Buffalo, NY, so that's where we lived. We were on our way back to Buffalo and stayed a night in Mackinaw City, and woke up to this view out of our hotel room. We both wanted to cancel the rest of our trip back and instead enjoy this scene all day. Of course that didn't happen, but I'm so glad I have this photo. 

I know I've shared both of these photos already, but I wanted to put them on here because all of my photos I'm sharing are sunrise or sunset photos. A few weeks ago on the debarkation day of our cruise, we woke up to this spectacular sunrise. 

I couldn't stop looking at it and trying to snap photos from different perspectives. Love. 

That first full day on the cruise, we got to see this cool sunrise. 

On the last full day of our cruise, this pre-sunset scene unfolded off the back of our ship. 

I've already seen many sunsets from my mom and dad's driveway and street. I can't resist that sun going down with the palm tree in the forefront photo. 

On our way to Florida last time, the sky to the west of us lit up with fiery red and orange colors. The hills turned blue. It was such a treat, at 75 mph. ;) 

Two years ago we saw this soft hazy sunset as we left St Maarten on a Caribbean Cruise. 

On that same cruise we got to watch the sun disappear behind the steep hills in St. Thomas. 

This is somewhere in the Caribbean. I can't even tell you when it was, but it was off the back/front/side of a cruise ship. :) 

Last winter we had a birthday party for my sweet little nephew at sunset at Fort Myers Beach. To this day, it remains the best birthday party I've ever been to. 

Three years ago, Dave, Aiden, and I went for a quick trip to Washington, DC. One of the best parts of the trip was seeing the sun streaking through the trees onto the sidewalk. I love that late evening low light. 

Then this happened! 

A year and a half ago, I couldn't resist capturing these colors as they painted the sky over Iowa. Another one through the window at 75 mph. 

One of my favorite places to watch a sunset is at Dave's family's camp. Seriously, can you beat these views? It'd be hard to. 

Lake Superior sunsets are always different and usually gorgeous. 

Another shot through the window, this time traveling a little slower. If you cross the Ohio River from Indiana into Kentucky around sunset, you'll rarely be disappointed. 

And finally, some photos from our walks in Louisville. 

Okay, now I realize that's a lot of photos for one post. I'll simplify next time. Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday! 


Kristine said...

I love the camp ones, and the last two. So much fun has been had at the camp, for all of us kids and now all of our families.

Heidi said...

I love all of them!

Linnaia said...

So pretty!