Thursday, March 3, 2016

Carnival Breeze Cruise Day 3

Our third day of the cruise was our first port day in Falmouth, Jamaica. I'd never been to Falmouth; previous cruises had stopped in Ocho Rios. Dave and I woke up early again and went up front to watch us dock at the pier. 

The sun was hot for another day in the beautiful Caribbean!

Gary, Joanne, Dave, and I watched while the first passengers left the ship. 

We met up with Anna and Kristine and went ashore. 

The port in Falmouth is much nicer than what I remember in Ocho Rios. We didn't plan a shore excursion and only planned on walking around the port and doing some shopping. It was nicer than we expected! 

Joanne found this hand carved elephant for one of her kids. 

We found a large hand carved cedar spoon at this little shop, and asked if they could make it deeper. We envisioned a great sauna dipper for our non-existent sauna. This guy obliged and here he is, carving out the spoon to make it deeper.

Such a fun day! Hot & sunny, just what you hope for when you're on vacation in the Caribbean. Dave got to carry the spoon around. Several people asked about it... "Are you really going to eat with that?!!" 

Anna, Kristine, me, & Joanne with our (huge!) ship in the background. 

We got back on the ship and I got tacos from the Blue Iguana Cantina upstairs on the Lido deck. I had tacos almost everyday for lunch - YUM!! They made the tortillas fresh in front of you, you picked your meat, and there was a toppings bar full of fresh ingredients for you to add to the meat. Lots of options for dairy-free me! 

Others ate burgers from Guy's Burgers.  This is what cruising is all about! 

It was pretty quiet on the ship since we were still in Falmouth for several more hours, so we decided to take advantage and check out the water slides. 

I love this picture of Dave coming out of the slide. It was fast and pretty easy to get turned around by the time you hit the bottom! 

Karen shot out of there so fast, I almost missed getting a picture. 

Here's a couple photos of Jamaica from the top of the water slide. We were above the 15th deck up here. 

Carnival has an adults-only section called Serenity on the front of the ship. After the water slides, we were looking for a shady spot to read and spend the afternoon. 
We lucked out on Serenity and found this little cabana with a great view off the front of the ship. We spent several hours in here and it was perfect. In the shade with a little breeze, a good book and something cold to drink. I even fell asleep for awhile. :) 

Walking down from Serenity, that water was so pretty and we were so high up. Here's a little perspective on it. 

Later, we went to the back of the ship to swim and watch us leave the port. 

The sun began to set just as we were leaving Jamaica. 

The lighting in the dining room was pretty red so I don't have many pictures there. Here's one. We had a table for all ten of us. Sometimes we didn't see each other all day, but we had this hour and a half every night to visit and enjoy a good meal together. 

Walking around the ship, we listened to this string trio in the atrium for awhile. 

We ended the day upstairs on deck 10 on the back, watching the moon light up the sea behind us. 

I planned on doing at least two days per post, but I could only narrow it down to these pictures. We'll see how the next couple days go. Haha :) I took a lot of pictures after those first two days when I only had a few. 


Kristin said...

so dreamy!!!

Ava Mae said...

Love the pictures!! Looks so fun.

Ava Mae said...

Love the pictures!! Looks so fun.